Unlimited PTO Brings Productivity to Your Business

Unlimited PTO Can Bring Productivity Improvements to Your Business

There are many studies that have been done that have shown the value of giving your employees time off away from the office to relax and recover from the daily grind. Having a day off for a mental break or a vacation that keeps a person away from work for a week or two are well documented to provide a chance to recharge your battery and re-energize their enthusiasm. That helps productivity and allows employees to be more creative and productive in their jobs.


Unlimited PTO

In most traditional work settings, employee time off was separated into a certain number of officially labeled days that were allowed, sick days, personal days and vacation days that were paid. Now it has become much more common to offer a block of PTO that is usable whenever the employee sees fit. A newer idea is unlimited PTO which has gained favor in the tech industry.

How Unlimited PTO Policies Work

It is a simple idea in concept, the employee can take as many mental health, vacation or sick days that they want. There are no limits, the only requirement is that they are meeting all of their performance goals. It is not a total free for all, though. The employee has to follow procedures to request time off. Other than sick days and emergencies, PTO needs to be requested and approved by management, just like with traditional PTO. That way there is a constant evaluation of the production of an employee.


Results Only Workplace

Results Only Workplace Environment (ROWE)

The results of a policy like this can become the ROWE which gives employees complete freedom to be at work or not as they see fit. They are able to weigh the balance needed for their life between their work responsibilities and their free time. ROWE workplaces provide a lot of freedom to determine when and where you are going to work. This can be a very enticing feature for potential employees and make for a very creative and healthy workplace.

What Unlimited Means

There have been studies completed that clearly show, when PTO is offered in unlimited qualities, employees take just about the same amount as they would in the traditional system of limited and labeled PTO. There are many cases where the employer has to encourage employees to take more time off. Some may be too afraid to take “too many” days off. Or they might just be so into their job that they do not want to be away from the office for an extended period of time. Some highly motivated people will feel guilty if they miss too much work as if they are shirking their responsibility. Unlimited PTO should allow for a person to take as many days as they feel that they need in order to be healthy in their personal life and productive at the job.


The Positive and Negative

The Positive and Negative of Unlimited PTO

Like all policies in the workplace, there are going to be assets and liabilities that result from instituting a policy. That is no different with unlimited PTO, and all of the possible results should be considered before a policy is enacted.

Positives of PTO

-There is a feeling of trust that is fostered between employee and employer when the responsibility of time off relies solely on the employee’s discretion.
-This fosters a work environment that is built on personal responsibility and a feeling of being valued.
-PTO is obviously going to be an attractive feature when recruiting the best new talent into your business.
– With unlimited PTO there is little chance a person is going to come to work ill and make the entire office sick.
-Depending on state law, the days of unlimited PTO do not have to be paid out when the employee leave your company.
-Much administrative time is saved in tracking time off and pay that has accrued over time when an employee leaves a place of employment.

Negatives of PTO

-It can be difficult to terminate and employee if they make the choice to abuse the policy. They are technically allowed to take the time off. The key here is to have performance goals and standards that are clearly understood and measurable. If these are not being met, that should be the issue anyway.
-Records still need to be kept in order to make sure that all state and federal labor laws are being followed and to monitor general behavior for abuses.


Choose Policy that Works

Choose a Policy that Works For Your Business

Not every company is going to be a good fit for unlimited PTO. If a company works well on a goal-oriented work system, then unlimited PTO makes sense. These organizations track production and performance well and that keeps the company successful. Abuse can be reduced by creating a process that requires approval for administration for most days off.

Unlimited PTO is a system that provides a different option for companies to use to foster a certain atmosphere in the workplace. It may not work for all employers in all industries. It does work well in some industries. The secret to a positive policy is that the policy needs to be written down and explained completely and in detail. When it is implemented all parties need to understand their rights and responsibilities. If you feel that your company can benefit from more trust between leadership and employees and they can see the value both mentally and health wise of treating individuals as if they are valued then the unlimited PTO option may be right for you.



Credit for this small business article goes to NECHES FCU, Port Neches, TX.
Neches FCU is a Texas credit union and has an awesome team of professionals ready to service all members. When the doors open at any of the 9 service outlets, the mission of “Ultimate Member Satisfaction” becomes the driving force for every employee. They are known for a personal, dynamic and fast-paced work atmosphere, delivering a memorable service experience, and where all members are known by their name.
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Tried & Tested True-Value Marketing Strategies For Accountants

Specific True-Value Marketing Techniques For Accountants


Marketing Techniques For Accountants
Marketing Techniques For Accountants


Although there are myriad of philosophies one could employ to properly market an accounting business, the primary task remains constant. This primary function of marketing strategies is to determine if the business is properly meeting the needs of the client, and then to assess the value that the business provides its clients.


Barriers to Success
Barriers to Success

Inherent Barriers Against Accountant Success In Business

Commonly, accountants have a high level of technical skill, but they often lack the appropriate communication devices that would allow them to relay the actual value of their expertise, experience and advice to their clientele. This is not an uncommon observation due to the prominent emphasis that is placed on the acquisition and maintenance of the technical aspects of the accounting profession.

Digital Applications

Recently, the emerging prominence of popular digital solutions like Web marketing and social media platforms has caused many accounting firms to devote large portions of their marketing budgets to developing these platforms in a marketing sense for their businesses. Many of these firms also optimize these channels by recognizing the importance of and developing strong customer service components to positively affect customer experience with their digital efforts and consequently, their businesses.




However, when many of these businesses are surveyed about the vigilance of their customer service components, most admit that they are lacking the proper oversight within their organizations. This lack of oversight by the accounting firms is not due to slothful, inefficient practices or the appropriate understanding of the importance of customer service by these companies, but it is driven by a lack of the appropriate devices or a framework for communication channels that would allow them to assess their customer service components and effect the appropriate changes when problems are detected.




Additional points of contention for many accountants include interruptions in the service-delivery process. These problems occur due to people’s natural aversion to fielding complaints when mistakes occur or alleviating client concerns. This makes a system of review and documentation of the service-delivery process an appropriate action for these firms.


A Strategy for Success
A Strategy for Success

7 Tips To Construct An Effective Model For Success

Small and medium-sized accounting firms need guidelines that have the effect of appropriately managing their communication and marketing efforts. The framework has to have the ability to eliminate the complicated terminology and intangible marketing techniques. This framework must also deliver pertinent actionable information that delivers measurable results. The next seven principles will provide firms with the ability to conceptualize, design and convey the appropriate value of their service.

1. It is important for the accountant to understand and to also have confidence in the value that they offer. Without this acumen, an accountant will not receive the appropriate value of their services from their clientele or deliver this appropriate value to their clients. This counterproductive action makes being in this type of business unproductive and pointless.

2. It is important for the accountant to also have an intricate understanding of the needs of their clientele and if their service is proficiently serving these needs. By understanding this relationship, the accountant will be able to offer services that their clients deem valuable and also allows them to construct medium and long range relationships with these clients.

3. It is incumbent upon the accountant to construct the desired reputation. This avoids acquiring a reputation by pure accident. To do this correctly, it is necessary for the accountant to visualize the appropriate principles and convey them with the appropriate communicable, personal and business actions.

4. Accountant should attempt to attract the appropriate clients to their business by acknowledging first that all clients are not the same. This requires that the accountant know the type of clients of which they work well with, and then they must determine the best methods for acquiring this particular type of client to patronize their business.

5. Accountants must also understand that customer’s most often cited complaint in the service business industry is with customer service. This means that in order to be successful and to set the company apart from the competition, the customer service must be optimal and never neglected. It can be useful to consistently meet with employees, construct guidelines and institute accountability procedures in order to deliver uninterrupted great customer service.

6. Institute infallible service-process procedures. Revisiting preventable issues is expensive and consumes unnecessary, expensive time. It also degrades the client’s customer experience and the employees work experience. By charting the process, the accountant can ensure that there are no barriers to the client’s receipt of uninterrupted services from the business.

7. Do not harp on past, corrected mistakes. The accountant must maintain a positive outlook by consistently looking to and planning for the future of their business. They must continue to innovate as a tool for plotting the growth of the business and future successes.

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